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The best cell phone plans nowadays contain many compelling options. They have become the top priority for many companies to maintain at the top of the business competition. Most of them are using the same plan of no-contract option with or without methods of payment.

The carrier can unlock it after you are done with the amount to use it with other phones of a different network. Several providers in the US are using this option to provide the best services to their clients because it’s a good option that generates growth.

The no-contract cell phone doesn’t usually need users to sign an agreement with the carrier when they buy and start using it. It will officially become your cell phone when you finish paying it off. The no-contract plan also offers a very flexible program. It ensures that you can change your data plans and other features that you might need instead of getting locked.

You can compare it to making your phone bill, which can match your lifestyle instead of being the opposite. Also, unlike the other option of contract phones, no-contract cell phones are always compatible with only a specific carrier.

no-contract cell phone plan is a great choice, especially when you are not upgrading it to a new phone or switching to monthly plans that usually don’t come with any discounts. Buying a phone might sometimes be intimidating, but users can understand what they need with the correct information.

The article contains various carriers and coverage options, which can help customers determine which might be a favorite choice when using a no-contract phone. With the cheapest plans available, the best plans that are unlimited or have the family plan category are among the options that a user can use.

The 4 Best Cell Phone plans No Contract and no credit check

chatr Mobile

  • Chatr Mobile offers a no-contract cell phone plan with 500MB of data for $25.00. Plus, an additional 500MB with auto-pay if you like to pay by debit or credit card.

Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk

500 MB at 3G speed (Continue using data at a reduced rate until your next anniversary date)

International talk Saver starting from 1¢/min.


Freedom Mobile

  • Freedom Mobile Inc. is a Canadian wireless telecommunications provider owned by Shaw Communications. They offer the best data packages in Vancouver’s hands down. For example, 17 GB of data for $50.00.

Freedom Data


Freedom Nationwide



calls to Canada

incoming calls


Unlimited global text, picture, and video messaging for as little as $25.00 a month.

Lucky Mobile

Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling Plan – 500 MB – $25/mo


  • Unlimited Canada-wide & International texts
  • 500 MB of Data at 3G speeds + 500 MB of bonus data every month with Automatic Top-Ups.
  • Unlimited additional data at reduced speeds of up to 128 Kbps for email, light browsing and messaging once you exceed your allotted 3G data.

Also included: Unlimited Incoming Calls & Texts from Canadian, US & International numbers, call display, voicemail, call waiting and 3-way calling.

New Phone Plans Special Promo

Set up Automatic Top-Up and get 500 MB of bonus data every month with your

Public Mobile

Public Mobile is a discount brand competing with Chatr Mobile, Freedom and Lucky Mobile.

They are prepaid and, like Koodo Mobile, leverage Telus’ strong 4G LTE network. But, Public Mobile takes the word ‘discount’ and ‘self-serve’ to another level:

No Physical Stores

go on Public Mobile’s website and buy a sim card – when it arrives, you can activate it online, and you’re on your way.

No Support Number  

The online help community provides answers to questions. 

No Subsidized Phones 

Bring your phone or buy one from us. If it’s unlocked, chances are it will work will all the Canadian wireless carriers.

Helps You Save Money

It’s conceivable to get your plan down to $0.00 every month.

Do we know anyone like that?

Few and far between.

But, we have heard of many people cutting their bills down significantly by leveraging Public Mobile’s Ways To Save.


Many no-contract cell phone providers offer various plan options that the users can narrow down to what they prefer as the best on this mentioned list in the article. Customers can save their money while using no-contract cell phones, unlike the plans of contract phones. The best value plan gets offered by chatr, while for budgeting purposes, you can consider freedom. When you need a program that’s best for a family option, you can feel Lucky mobile.

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