We consider Chatr typical and one of the best cell phone plan carriers in Vancouver, BC, to cover the area.
In addition, Freedom mobile offers great data packages. Finally, lucky Mobile provides excellent deals on long-distance calls. And the public Mobile gives bonuses to help you reduce your monthly bill.

We offer Cheap Phone Plans in vancouver at 408 E Hastings St.
Public Cell Exterior Photo at 408 E Hastings St in DTES.

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Public mobile phone plans for PC


cheap cell phone plans bc Canada 

We serve many customers daily. People ask us what the cheapest cell phone plans are? In our opinion, Freedom mobile, a subsidiary of shaw communications, has the best cell phone plan in BC Canada right now. 

The plan features a 10 GB + 7 GB Bonus (Speeds reduced beyond 17GB).
Unlimited Text, Nationwide calls $0.05/min For $50/month plus applicable taxes.

cheap phone plans canada

Are you looking for cheap phone plans in Canada, for example, Vancouver, BC? First, let’s take a look at public mobile.

They are indeed the cheapest but not the best choice. The reason being there is no customer support hotline.  

You have to look for answers to your questions on the community forum. 
It isn’t about the most crucial number of posts, but quality and to help out the new members as much as you can

How can you save a lot on your monthly bill on public mobile?

You can save anywhere from $1.00 to $20.00 a month by regularly posting to the community forum.
To learn more about badges and bonuses, visit the community rewards page.

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